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4 Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

2018-09-07T09:19:58+00:00September 8th, 2018|Information|
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Your air conditioning unit plays a major role in the day-to-day comfort and well-being of your family. So, when installing a new unit in your home, you must avoid making the following mistakes that not only compromise your home comfort but also cost you money in the long run:

Incorrect AC Unit Size

Installing an AC unit that is too big for your home can result in improper humidity control. This, in turn, will make your home a bit damp and uncomfortable. Also, oversized units tend to break down more often and wear out more quickly, costing you money on repairs and replacement.

An undersized unit isn’t any better, though. It will not provide your home with sufficient cooling. And since it will work harder than normal to cool a room, it will cause an increase in your energy bills.

Improper Insulation

Proper insulation of the room is a factor you should never overlook. In the case of a window AC, it’s vital to fill the open areas between the top and bottom panes with insulating foam. Otherwise, the efficiency of your new air conditioning unit goes down considerably.

For split air conditioning systems, it is important to install right-sized ducts and seal them. Make sure your installer is experienced in ductwork, from duct size calculation to duct sealing. If not, you may get sloppy ductwork that increases the workload of your AC unit — and bumps up your monthly electric bills.

Old HVAC Technology

HVAC technology has seen major improvements in the past decade. If you replace your unit with one that has the same old technology, you’ll probably miss out on opportunities to enhance home comfort and save on energy costs.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly appliances, AC systems today are more energy-efficient and have smarter designs than older models. Some new units even come with digital controls, so you can monitor and adjust your air conditioning from your smartphone or tablet to prevent energy waste.

Wrong Contractor

Often, AC installation is part of a larger renovation project at your home. If that is the case, make sure your contractor brings a qualified and skilled HVAC installer to get the job done. And if you hire the installer directly, don’t make the mistake of instantly choosing the professional who offers the lowest rates. You should also consider the installer’s skills and credentials. Sometimes, the desire to save on upfront installation expenses results in costly repairs and sudden unit replacement, down the road.

So, make sure you hire a trained professional. Here’s an insider tip: find an expert in AC installation in Gastonia that also provides maintenance services. After all, maintenance is key to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your unit. Plus, when the HVAC company knows it will maintain your equipment for years to come, it will ensure all other aspects of proper AC installation: right size of unit, correct configuration, and proper insulation to prevent potential problems.When it comes to installing a new air conditioning unit, it is always wise to have the experts do it. You may spend more for professional installation, but it will help you save money in the long run. You won’t have to keep correcting installation errors and paying high operational costs due to those mistakes.

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