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Keep Cool and Call the Technician: What to Do While Waiting for AC Installation

2018-09-07T09:10:50+00:00September 7th, 2018|Information|
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Gastonia, North Carolina has an average of 214 sunny days annually, whereas the US average is 205. Similarly, the city’s comfort index is 65 out of 100, whereas the US average is 54. From this, we can assume that the city has a generally pleasant year-round climate. However, this does not mean that everyone is comfortable at home all year round.

Your current AC system might not be doing the job right, making the members of your household uncomfortable or irritable at home. Maybe the system is noisy and inefficient; maybe it’s costing you more than it should in utility bills. Either way, you can’t always count on the generally pleasant weather to keep everyone calm at home. Stay cool while your trusted technician conducts AC installation in your Gastonia, NC home.

Keep the Blinds and Curtains Drawn

The most cost-effective way to keep the heat out and keep your house cool while you’re having a new AC system installed is to shut the blinds and leave the curtains drawn. You don’t have to keep all of them closed, though, especially when you want to let some sunlight in. Just close enough curtains and turn down enough blinds to create some shade and keep the indoor temperature low.

Utilize Ceiling Fans and Box Fans

Your AC system might currently be out of commission, but it isn’t the only home appliance that can keep you cool. Turn on the ceiling fans and bring out the box fans to clear the hot air from your surroundings. Just make sure the fans’ blades are rotating in the right way. When they rotate counterclockwise, the air that hits you is cooler because the fan pulls the warm air up.

Limit Heat-Producing Activities

Another way you can prevent feeling too warm while the technician installs your new AC system is to limit heat-producing activities. These include using the oven, running your dishwasher, and taking a hot shower, to name a few. If you absolutely have to, though, turn on the ventilating fan to reduce humidity.

On a related note, temporarily reduce your use of light fixtures, the television, and other home appliances and gadgets that potentially make the air hot and humid.

Crack Your Windows

When the sun’s out and your AC system isn’t working, you can shut the blinds to keep the warm sunlight out. But when the night falls, and you can’t sleep because of the heat or humidity, feel free to crack your windows open to let in the cool night air. Just remember to shut them again before you head out in the morning. Otherwise, hot air might permeate your home.

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